The Agricultural sector of Twincoast Helicopters is the backbone to our company. At Twincoast Helicopters we can arrange your whole job from start to finish. We offer FREE advice for all operations, and can offer on-site job inspections and quotes. We are able to provide chemical/fertilizer if required or organize it through your local merchant.


All pilots and ground crew are skilled in chemical applications and handling, and have all the current Agri-chemical, Dangerous Goods and First Aid certificates demanded in such a sensitive industry.

We use the latest in GPS technology. All Agricultural Spraying and Fertilizer operations are undertaken using Tracmap DGPS Guidance System, for accuracy within 1 meter.

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Our pilots are skilled not only in the application of the product, but also in providing sound advice on what chemical will best suit the job, in order to obtain optimum results.

Call us today to discuss you specific requirements – 0800 436 055